True Stories from DriveOn Group Customers


You are never to old to experience something new! Ron Pomeroy, 94, with a full driving licence, was T-boned at an intersection in September. As the not at fault driver, his smash repairer introduced him to Keith Cane at DriveOn Group to receive an accident replacement vehicle. A service he had been legally entitled to his whole driving life, but never experienced before.

Born on 26 August 1923, Ron was conscripted into WW2 at 1941, with his first training in Moore Park, sleeping in swags between the seats at the SCG. His unit was responsible for putting the barbed wire on Bondi Beach to protect Sydney from invasion. He then served with his father, who had also served in WW1 and dropped is age to enlist in WW2, at the Hay Internment Camp. Ron was later sent to Brunei on the SS Joseph Carrigan, with Smokey Dawson as the on board entertainment, but an accident brought him home without seeing active service.


Renee Sloan is owner and principal of a Dance Studio in Leeton in regional NSW.

After substantial damage to the rear of her Honda Odyssey in an accident in the township of Leeton, Renee was very concerned about commuting to and from work and being without a vehicle that could adequately accommodate her family of six for the lengthy repair period.

DriveOn Group was made aware of her situation by a local contact in the area and went over and above to get a Kia Carnival from Sydney to Leeton and delivered to her door the very next day.

Needless to say Renee was over the moon with the service provided by DriveOn Group.


After an extremely stressful situation where she was the not at fault driver in a recent accident, Janette Lewis was desperately in need a replacement car while hers was being repaired.

Janette found out about DriveOn Group on the internet and contacted our staff at Head Office, who notified Kim Thomson, Sunshine Coast Business Development Manager.

After going through the simple application process, Janette was given a car the same day she dropped her vehicle in for repairs and was back on the road with independence restored. Janette was so thankful, that she drove Kim back to the depot in Maroochydore.


“My dad rang me and asked me to come and pick him up as his car had broken down. I asked him if the car was ok and he said it was all good, the tow truck driver has it on the back of his truck already.

Much to my shock when I got there, my dad had been in a massive accident, a truck had clipped his car, spun it and then run straight over the boot of my dad’s car leaving it crushed and a sure write off.

Dad mentioned he’d tee’d up a replacement car already and we’d sort that part later.

Much to my surprise, about 5 minutes after I got dad home, DriveOn pulled up with a replacement car. I was on the phone to the insurance company and told them DriveOn had pulled up, and with a very stern voice the insurance company representative told me to make sure I read all of the fine print because I could end up with a bill.

The DriveOn rep smiled when he heard this and as soon as I got off the phone, he was all too happy to run through the entire process for my dad, explaining all of the ins and outs.

The DriveOn rep also showed great compassion to my dad who was clearly uncomfortable after the accident, making sure he was ok and not rushing through anything.

I couldn’t believe the level of service we received, it certainly took one stress off what was an otherwise horrible day.”


One of our first jobs out of Wagga branch was a collaborative effort. The not at fault driver lived over an hour and a half out of town, passed Narrandera. She contacted the branch on Friday afternoon, but realistically could not get into town to pick up a replacement car until the following Tuesday. Our Wagga agent asked around town if anyone was heading out that way, as luck would have it a friend from another car dealership in town, was going to Narrandera on the Saturday to watch is adult son play AFL. He drove to Narandra, met the not at fault driver, delivered our car and got a lift home with his son. DriveOn Wagga!




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